C3 Technology Services

So, a little history about Charlie.

Let’s go all the way back to 1970, when young Tony worked in the airline industry. A source of positive energy entered Tony's world of long days and nights of travel, and made a lasting impression. Tony had the opportunity to care for an infant chimpanzee named Charlie, and was rewarded with life-changing affection and joy. Charlie always greeted Tony with a cheerful smile and open arms. Charlie's spirit inspired and remains in Tony's heart, influencing the way Tony treats others, be they family, friends or clients.

So naturally, Charlie is at the heart of C3 Technology Services. While the business has evolved, Charlie is always with us. The charming chimp represents our welcoming personality, our hellos, our energy, our presence, the fun things we do and the events that we have with our community. He is the spirit of giving and inspires us to give back.

C3 Technology Services

1536 E Warner,

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone. 714-689-1700

Fax. 714-641-2717