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Do you know what kind of printing equipment and supplies you really need? Many businesses spend more money on printers that aren’t right for their total business, not to mention the countless staff hours spent on tasks like pricing and ordering toner cartridges and trying to keep those printers operating efficiently. Take the hassle out of the equation — and free up your employees to do their jobs, while saving money — with C3’s Managed Print Solutions.


C3 will work with your team to study your printing, scanning and document management needs and help you find the best total solution for the lowest possible cost. C3 considers their customers as long term partners. We provide solutions that will grow with your company. The cost to operate small unmanaged printers can really add up, C3’s print management will simplify your printer support and supplies and save you money.


Our team can provide you with an assessment and show you the value we provide.




Print Management


Gain control of habits that result in waste, including unnecessary use of color, single-sided printing, etc.


Improve tracking and reporting for print, copy, and scan traffic to optimize your fleet of devices.


Take advantage of Follow-You Printing to make network printing convenient and secure and reduce overall waste.




Capture & Workflow


Give access to MFP-based scanning to all employees (as opposed to individual users).


Take advantage of shared use of networked scanners to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.


Reduce unnecessary photocopying to avoid perpetuating the "trapped in paper" challenge.




On-Site Document Management Services

Scanning, indexing and accessing documents are fundamental to organizations of all types. C3 Technology Services can successfully manage critical business documents for any organization that is concerned with keeping data secure.

With numerous regulatory requirements including, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and HIPPAA, it is necessary for an effective retention policy, the successful filing and storage of documents, and ultimately the timely destruction of documents are essential to the success of any organization.

Onsite document management services include:

  • File and Records Management Software Solutions

  • Document Archiving Services

  • Digital Records Management

  • Retrieval Services

  • Traditional Records Management

  • Document Lifecycle Management


Document Storage

C3 has available, secure off-site storage for your electronic documents for your electronic documents to keep them safe as a part of any prudent disaster recovery plan. In addition, our Live Help Desk is always available to answer all of your questions regarding your Document Management System.

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